Student Start-Up Business Center
Rules Terms and Conditions
  1. Interested student(s) are required to register on SSBC website to submit business idea.
  2. One student will be allowed to submit only one business idea; either individually or in a team.
  3. A team should not be comprised of more than two members.
  4. It will be mandatory for all the Start Ups to attend the two weeks training before taking a formal start at SSBC.
  5. In case of team, the team lead shall mainly be involved in the whole process of SSBC, preparing the documents and reports.
  6. Names and signatures of all team members will be mentioned on the SSBC agreement.
  7. Postdated cheques will be taken from selected startups as collateral against seed money. In case of team, team lead will be required to submit the postdated cheques to SSBC management.
  8. The SSBC facilities will be given to selected Start Ups initially for a period of six months only.
  9. For further extension of SSBC facilities, Start Ups will request to SSBC management for further extension at least one month before expiry of previous period.
  10. Extension will be granted only for three months at the option of final approval of Management Committee.
  11. Signatory of the agreement will be bound to pay back the seed money within mentioned period as per agreement.
  12. SSBC shall allot work stations to selected star-ups after signing the agreement.
  13. It will be mandatory for all the startups to submit the quarterly progress reports.
  14. If any startup fails to achieve its targets within decided time, the decision of continuation/ discontinuation will be taken by the review committee of the SSBC.
  15. It will be the responsibility of Start-ups to take care of the designated premises, equipment, fixtures and fittings provided as an incubation services by the SSBC.
  16. Startups will be required to communicate through official VU email for all the required services and support.
  17. SSBC management Committee reserves the right to review and modify the rules, regulations and timings/dates of the events if deemed necessary.
  18. SSBC management Committee reserves the right to disqualify any participant, team and/or submission for good cause, including the following reasons;
    • Violation of the University‚Äôs Code of Student Conduct, Code of Integrity or other policy.
    • Violation of SSBC agreement and rules.
    • Violation of any local, state or federal law.