Student Start-Up Business Center
RoadMap Roadmap

RoadMap Phases

Phase - I – Submission of Business Idea

  1. Interested students will register themselves on SSBC website either as an individual or a team.
  2. For teams, one student will register himself/herself as team lead and invite the other team member as a partner on SSBC registration portal.
  3. The registered students will submit the business idea on SSBC website within the due date of submission.
  4. The submitted business ideas will be evaluated by SSBC Team.

Phase - II – Submission of Business Plan

  1. The qualified business ideas will be required to submit the complete business plan for phase-II at SSBC website.
  2. Complete business plans will be evaluated by the SSBC team.

Phase - III – Pitching the Idea

  1. The qualified students of phase-II will be required to submit business plan presentations.
  2. Students will pitch their idea in front of SSBC management committee.
  3. SSBC management committee will judge the ideas on the basis of innovativeness, potential for survival, growth and sustainability.

Phase - IV – Award of Seed Money and Signing of Agreement with SSBC-VU

  1. Qualified students of phase - III will be awarded with the award letters.
  2. They will sign the SSBC agreement and undertaking form.

Phase -V – Incubation & Training of Successful Startups

  1. SSBC shall allot work stations to selected startups after signing the agreement.
  2. It will be mandatory for all the Startups to attend the two weeks training before taking a formal start at SSBC.